Write Your First Unit Test


Why do coding bootcamps and universities generally skip unit testing?

I honestly don't know. Especially when you NEED to know how to write non-trivial tests at most roles, including startups.

If you're a junior developer on the job hunt, the easiest way to stand out in the first 30 days OR as you're applying is to write a unit test for your take home project.

Maybe you don't know where to start.



Manual QA?


Don't over-think it.

In a few short and straight-forward modules we will take you from writing your first unit test to complex tests with React.

As a BONUS we will learn how to write e2e tests with Cypress && backend tests with Node/Express.


Heres your path from zero to unit test hero:


🚀 Learn WHY we write tests. I share how I took my team from 0 -> 40% code coverage and how you can too.

🚀 Write your first unit test with Jest

🚀 Learn the truth-table method to write lots of test more easily

🚀 Test React Apps that rely on 3rd party libraries including AWS, Redux and GraphQL

🚀 Use inversion of control to write components that are easy to test

🚀 Run a test in a Github Pipeline

🚀 NO FLUFF. You will learn practical implementation with writing tests within the first 2 lessons.




🚀 Write a Cypress.js e2e test with NextJS

🚀 Write your first backend test with Node/Express and SuperTest

🚀 Gain respect and authority on your team as a testing wizard


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Who Is This For?


Be warned, this material is explained in a simple way but requires you to put in the work! If you are a Javascript developer who wants to be confident, be prepared for interviews, and stand out from the pack then this course is for you.


This is NOT for you if:

You do not know JS

You want to be spoon-fed information

Are looking solely for MAANG/FAANG prep

You are lazy 😅

Lifetime Access


  • Lifetime access to all Github repos, videos, challenges and cheat sheets
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  • BONUS: My JS e-book

Don't just learn to write tests. Get really good at them. Stand out. Feel more confident and hire-able.

I have taught this same information for upwards of $500! I know how important testing is for developers. 

You're going to become skilled with writing complex tests by the end of this course and even learn some Javascript and React along the way.