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Learn How to Write Tests Like a Pro

I know your bootcamp skipped this. Lame.

Write your first unit test. Write complex ones with React. Add to a Github pipeline. and Node/Express tests added recently.

Unit Test Pro

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I gotcha. If you're not ready to work with me yet, check out these challenges which will help you learn Node/Express and Redux.

You can use the Node/Express challenge as a starter project. Be my guest. When you are ready to work with me, just schedule a chat here


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Who the hell am I?

Hey, I'm Brian and I've been getting paid to write code for nearly a decade after making a career change at 30. I went from junior developer copying and pasting my way through features, to senior developer at a fast-paced tech startup and even got the chance to lead a team as engineering manager at a fortune 500 company.

In between all that I taught at a few bootcamps and worked at a few other startups as a contractor. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way and I've seen what a difference having a strong technical foundation and direction can make. I write, create material and coach others to solidify their front end tech skills, realize their potential and take giant, deliberate steps towards the future they want.